Dekanters and separators
Utilization of oil sludges
Utilization of drilling sludges
Reservoir cleaning
Neutralization and regeneration of industrial oils
Treatment facilities
Pumping over oil products
Additional equipment


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Modules for centrifugal separation and purification of drilling and oil sludge MC series


The units of the MC are modular systems that are mounted on an open frame or standard shipping containers that allow for working offline and having the opportunity of mobile transport to the venue of the required range of works. Depending on the configuration, they can perform the following types of separation: separation of solids from liquids (sludge thickening), a rough separation of liquids with solids separation, fine separation for the final purification of the release of water, hydrocarbons and other liquids.

As separation equipment used decanters and disc stack centrifuge from three leading European manufacturers:Alfa Laval, GEA/Westfalia and Flottweg.

The minimum equipment, which can be delivered within the module MC: decanter centrifuge or a centrifugal separator feed screw pump, screw conveyor or shnekovo-screw pump for the selection of a dedicated solid phase, piping, fittings and equipment. Top of the range - is not limited.

MC modules are produced in industrial design, and explosion-proof in accordance with Russian (B-1) and international standards (Zone I, Zone II).

If necessary, MC modules can be additionally equipped with a nitrogen station, boiler, tanks for refined products.

MC modules are supplied with a permit the use of RTN, certificate, passport and instruction manual for installation.

If necessary, the equipment can be obtained additional approvals.