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Separation block for oil sludges and mazut made on the basis of vacuum

Types of treatment: vacuum drying

BRNSH-10 allows removing water from some liquid oil products, including waterlogged oil fuel and oil sludge. Evaporating is done under vacuum, which allows reaching high efficiency with low costs. Average prime cost of drying 1 ton of oil fuel of M-100 type from 25% to 0.5% of humidity is equal to about 550 roubles.

BRNSH-10 is made on the basis of 20-feet standard container with a tank of 10 cub. meters, a boiler with diesel burner (upon the request of the customer the burner can be replaced by any other), diesel generator, vacuum and transporting pumps. Most of the equipment is produced abroad, in particular – boilers, burners and vacuum pumps are supplied from Italy.

The oil product preheated up to liquid state (20-40°С) is pumped into the tank, where the heating process up to evaporating temperature of 60-65°С degrees begins under vacuum up to 0.5Mbar.

Water vapors are constantly pumped by vacuum pump and go through the condensate collector, which goes outside the container in operating mode. In the meanwhile the product is constantly mixed up in the tank by means of circulation by transporting pump.

Heating and drying speed of 10 cub.meters of oil fuel comprises from 7 to 10 hours in average.

BRNSH-10 is produced in 2-phase and 3-phase variants. In 3-phase variant, besides water expulsion, the tank allows selecting mechanical admixtures in the bottom, which were formed in the result of heating and rarefication of oil sludge. The unit temperature after expulsion of water can be increased by operator up to 90 degrees for the purposes of additional setting of admixtures. Selection of mechanical admixtures is fulfilled by means of gerotor pump.

The unit is equipped by diesel generator, which allows operating autonomously. The diesel oil tank for diesel-generator and burner is integrated in the top of the unit, and for safety purposes is not in contact with other parts of the unit, except for contacts through fuel pipe.

The unit can not be used for operations with light oil products, such as petrol, kerosene and diesel fuel.

Separation block for oil sludges, oil fuel and other liquid oil products made on the basis of vacuum

Technical data

Parameter BRNSH-10-2f BRNSH-10-3f
Productivity, min./optimal 10/20 t/daily 10/20 t/daily
Power consumption (from integrated diesel degarator) 16 kW 18 kW
Heating power 237 kW 237 kW
Suction height 5 m 5 m
Rise height 20 m 20 m
Product output pressure 4 kg/cm 4 rg/cm
Degassing tank volume 10000 l 10000 l
Fuel tank capacity
Fuel consumption
500 l
16-27 l/hour
500 l
16-27 l/hour
Working temperatures -20...+30°C -20...+30°C
Size, mm
- length
- width
- height


Weight netto 4500 kg 4600 kg