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Oil filtration and pouring stations of MFZS series

Oil filtration and pouring stations of MFZS series
Types of treatment: filtration, pumping over

The units of MFZS series are produced for pumping over and filtering of oil from mechanical admixtures with fracture dimensions not more than 70 micron.

As a rule, such filtering is implemented before burning of oil in special air heating equipment. It allows to avoid blinding of burner nozzles and more ecological emission.

The capacity of the units is 500, 1000 and 2000 liters per hour. The oil is cleaned by means of 1 coarse filter and 2 final filters. All filters are washing, and there are special handles on the final filters used for cleaning without disassemble of the unit.

It is possible to supply the unit together with a tank with capacity of 1000 liters equipped with level sensors. This tank allows the unit to work in autonomous mode pumping over and filtering oil into the tank from external reservoirs, when the oil level in the tank is less than critical point, and filling the tank almost up to the end.

Общий вид и компоненты установки серии МФЗС

Technical data

Parameters MFZS-500 MFZS-500r MFZS-1000 MFZS-1000r
Size, см 30х40х120 30х40х120
reservoir -
50х60х80 50х60х80
reservoir -
Power consumption, kW 0,37 0,37 1,5 1,5
Productivity nominal, l/hour 480 480 1040 1040
Weight netto 15 80 28 93