Dekanters and separators
Utilization of oil sludges
Utilization of drilling sludges
Reservoir cleaning
Neutralization and regeneration of industrial oils
Treatment facilities
Pumping over oil products
Additional equipment


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NPO Dekanter, LLC produces equipment for purification and regeneration of turbine, transformer, industrial, engine and other types of oil, as well as equipment for collection and utilization of slop-oil and drilling sludges.

Our company possesses large manufacturing in cooperation with partners among Russia. We have our own staff including technologists and project designers, and some work is done together with research institutions, in particular Oil and Gas University named after Gubkin (Moscow).

We are ready to produce any equipment for regeneration and refining of oil sludges, industrial oils, diesel fuel or drilling sludges in accordance with your requests.

The equipment is exported world wide ex-works, DDU or CIF (in accordance with Incoterms 2000). We will assist you to select reliable and fast transport company, translate technical documentation into required language, and send our specialists for training and commissioning.

НПО Декантер НПО Декантер
НПО Декантер НПО Декантер
НПО Декантер НПО Декантер